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Custom ducts

We supply ductwork of all sizes for any application. For air conditioning and heater ductwork, we are Los Angeles’s #1 choice. Our shop utilizes various metals so you can choose which best fits your application. We supply the HVAC industry and anyone looking for custom and prefabricated metal parts. On site custom sizing and rush jobs available. Kitchen exhaust hoods available for personal or industrial uses. We also supply air makeup units and all components of ducting and accessories needed. Some of our ducting products include: Adjustable 45 degree elbows, 90 degree adjustable elbows, access doors for round and rectangle ducts, air diffusers, Damper sleeves, china caps, and reducers.

  • Galvanized steel: Most common and standard material used for ductwork. Ducts lined using either duct liner or an external wrap. Double wall ducting also available.
  • Aluminum: This ductwork is very light and easy to install, although less common than galvanized steel. Come in to the shop for prefabricated aluminum ductwork or custom sizing available on site.
  • Copper: An industrial staple due to its malleability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Expanded metal: Useful for many applications including benches, grating, and screens, this is made by stretching and slitting metal sheets into various size diamonds.
  • Brushed stainless-steel: Brushed steel is made by polishing the metal with 120 to 180 grit belt. This leaves the metal with a distinctive finish that stands alone.
Kitchen Exhaust Ducting

Type 1 Ventilation: These hoods are required to be above cooking equipment that produces smoke or grease. Their function is to pull and expel air from the workstation, usually above a grill, stovetop, pizza oven. An advantage to these systems is that they are filtered and this keeps them from being too dirty between maintenance.

Type 2 Ventilation hoods: These hoods are not meant to be above grease producing appliances. They are meant to remove excess heat,odor, and moisture from the air. Both of these can be purchased alone or as a package including the roof mounted fan, ducting, and air makeup.

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