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Spray-booth filters are your booths first line of defense against particulates and dust entering your unit. Filters for all models and sizes available now!One of the first things to affect the way your booth works is filters. When a booth runs, it pulls air in and filters it through the intake filters. Then, the booth pulls the dirty air out through the exhaust filters and exhaust stack. Throughout this process, the exhaust filters are the first to be changed as they pull the dirty air out of the unit. Secondly, the intake filters need to be changed as they pull large particulates from the air before entering the booth. In combination, these features allow the airflow of the booth to remain uncompromised.


Seals create an airtight lock so your paint jobs remain contaminant free! Seals for all booth sizes and models available!Sealsare another big part of keeping dust out of the booth. As seals are generally made of rubber, they eventually warp due to normal heat and wear. After warping, they sometimes leave gaps under the doors or around the cabin. The sum of each of these “leaks” is compromised air pressure that fluctuates beyond normal. The easy fix is to have one of our certified technicians evaluate the performance of your booth and how much air it currently circulates.

Paint Booth Coating
Paint Booth Coating

Over time, your paint booth will collect overspray on the walls of the unit. To revive your booth and drastically improve visibility, booth coating will have your booth looking like new!


Lighting is pivotal inside of a booth, and replacing broken or malfunctioning lights is needed. ABC is your one stop shop for all booth lights and ballasts!Lighting inside of your booth is pivotal if you want to see your project while painting. As lights generally last a long time, these are replaced as needed whether it is the bulb or the ballast. We have lights available for booths from all makers including: AFC, Blow-Therm, Spray-Tech, Zhonga, and many more! LED light panels also available for higher priced booths.

Duct Kits
Duct Kits

For spray-booth installations and modifications, duct kits for all sizes available!As mentioned in the filter section, overspray from inside of the booth is pulled and expelled through the exhaust system. Over time, the exhaust duct collects overspray and can harden to block off the airflow into the unit. If left unchecked, this can cause pressure issues within the booth, ultimately costing you more.

MONARCH Dry Chemical

Automotive Paint Spray Booth. Fire Suppression System. Paint spray booths/rooms are areas designed to confine or limit the escape of spray, vapor, and residue. A power ventilation system dedicated to these areas ensures the appropriate exhaust of residual material. PYRO-CHEM dry chemical suppressing agents are appropriate for Class A, B, or C fires. A careful hazard survey should be conducted to properly define the type of fire to be suppressed.


How can a manometer tell me when to change my paint booth filters? You don’t want to switch out your paint booth filters prematurely and waste money. But if you wait too long to switch them out, you could damage your booth by putting excessive strain on your fan and motor and you also put your safety at risk if solvents aren’t properly being exhausted. One solution is to utilize a simple, inexpensive manometer. A manometer measures air pressure differences inside and outside of the paint booth. This can tell you how well air is flowing in the booth. What you want is a constant air flow to ensure high quality paint jobs. It depends on how frequently the paint booth is in use, but in time the filters will start to get clogged up.


THE DV PRODUCT G20 82/73 SCFM | 120/145 PSI. Compare Available Models, Get A Quote. The G Series features an innovative reduced-component, integrated design centered around reliable delivery, durability and efficiency – A 15% smaller footprint and new front-loading fork lift slots make these rugged air compressors more versatile and easier to install. Engineered with steel tubes and a redesigned air end discharge hose with a dual flange-mounted, stainless-steel, braided flexi-hose for increased ruggedness and durability.

RTI Stealth 1/2″-1/4″ Regulated – 6950B

Perfect for paint booths and prep stations. Removes dirt, water and oil. Patented “Inverse Flow™”design. Patented activated carbon first stage removes oil to 0.003 ppm. 2nd stage final filtration to 0.01 micron at 99.99998% efficiency. Automatic drain on first stage, manual petcock drain on second stage. Pressure regulator and gauge standard. Maximum flow up to 60 scfm. Maximum inlet air pressure, 140 PSI. Maximum operating temperature, 125°F.

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Here at advanced booth cleaning we show up ready and prepared the first time, keeping your shops downtime to a minimum. Our expert technicians are trained to work on all booth makes and models including: AFC, Blow- Therm, Accudraft, GFS, and many more!

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Here at advanced booth cleaning we show up ready and prepared the first time, keeping your shops downtime to a minimum. Our expert technicians are trained to work on all booth makes and models including: AFC, Blow- Therm, Accudraft, GFS, and many more!

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