Spray Booth Refurbished

A spray booth is a controlled painting environment. Some of the most common elements painted in spray booths refurbishing are cars, trucks, ships, airplanes, parts and furniture, and the basic structure of the spray booth is the same, regardless of size, industry or application. The paint booth is wholly closed (with walls or doors on all sides) or has an open front (no walls or doors on the front of the cabin).

The use of a spray booth ensures the painting is faster, safer, and cleaner. The essential function of a spray booth is to control the spraying of paint while protecting employees and the environment. By limiting the use of hazardous materials in a controlled environment, the paint booth prevents dangerous overproduction from causing fire or explosion, controls air/fuel/ mixture so that no combustible combination can occur, and ultimately provides a clean environment in which to draw.

In addition to safety, the quality can be significantly improved with a paint booth. Closed paint booths provide a pollution-free environment for paints that work better. Before the air enters the paint booth, the filter is filtered by a high-performance filter that prevents small particles from dust and dust from entering the cabin and landing on your paint job.

Your spray booth is one of the essential items you have, and the conditions must be suitable to extend the life of your investment.
Proper cleaning and maintenance is the key to a flawless surface and a safe and competent painting environment.
The simplest and most important way to prevent dust from entering your cabin is to close all cabin doors. When you open the door to insert the object to be sprayed, make sure the cabin is lit and run to draw air pollutants into the exhaust filter.
Spray Booth Refurbished
High-quality air filters provide high efficiency and adequate diffusion to prevent airflow and irregular turbulence. Use the cleaner recommended by the Standard Tool for your spray booth and replace it regularly.

However, small excess pressure can accumulate on the walls of your booth, floor and paint. To prevent this, clean your cabin surface regularly.
The tool for cleaning your cabin is a vacuum cleaner and mould. Floors and walls can be washed under pressure.
Overspray can also be collected on paint spray guns and air hoses. Be sure to clean the air hose and spray the gun and replace it if necessary.
Moisture can also be a problem. This moisture condenses and causes damage to the tool and defects in the paint job.
However, our services at Advanced Booth Cleaning is improving the existing spray booth. We have access to the latest and best-closed engines, high-efficiency burners, circulation pumps and more.

Our team can develop a new recirculation system that will increase the efficiency of your cabin and reduce your productivity.
This process saves you time, money and saves your company up to 40% fuel. This system will make your current equipment greener and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
Cleaning the paint tray might be difficult, but it’s essential. Create and follow a meaningful cleaning plan and make sure your employees always know who is responsible for cleaning.

Spray booth refurbishing and maintenance extends the life of the spray booth and provides sustainable results for your business. Advanced Booth Cleaning is your solution for improvement, modification and design for new and existing applications.

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